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Discover the epitome of modern sophistication with the "Slim Fit Crop Top and Pleated Wide Leg Pants Set." This ensemble is a harmonious blend of contemporary design and classic elegance, tailored for the fashion-forward individual. The slim fit crop top paired with the fluidity of pleated wide-leg pants creates a silhouette that is both striking and flattering. This set is a testament to the power of simplicity in fashion, where clean lines and thoughtful design speak volumes. Ideal for those who seek to make a statement with subtlety and style, this two-piece set is a testament to the art of understated chic. Its composition of 65% Polyester, 30% Viscose, and 5% Elastane ensures a blend of durability, comfort, and just the right amount of stretch.


  •  Material Blend: Crafted with a mix of 65% Polyester, 30% Viscose, and 5% Elastane, providing a comfortable, stretchable, and resilient fabric.
  •  Slim Fit Crop Top: The top features a slim fit design that accentuates the waist, paired with the elegance of a crop length for a contemporary look.
  •  Pleated Wide Leg Pants: The pants boast a stylish wide-leg cut with delicate pleats, offering both aesthetic appeal and ease of movement.
  •  Versatile Style: This set effortlessly transitions from day to evening wear, suitable for various occasions from office settings to social gatherings.
  •  Resilient Fabric: The material composition ensures the set retains its shape and texture, promising long-lasting wear and ease of maintenance.

Strawberry Two Piece Set

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